tips hilangkan sakit gigi

*sory naa artikel ni dalam bahasa inggeris, cheq malas nak translate ^_^

1.As your first step , I recommend you pick up a bottle of "Tea Tree Oil". Tea Tree oil is a natural oil that is very effective in relieving toothache pain . It will also kill germs and bacteria in your mouth so your toothache wont worsen. To use Tea Tree oil simply rub 2 or 3 drops both on and around your tooth . Massage the oil into the gums surrounding your tooth . You should feel relief from pain into about 1 or 2 minutes . If pain persists , move on to the next step .

2.As your second step , try chewing a few small piece of onion . Onions are a natural anti - biotic and will aid in toothache pain . If you are unable to chew , you should juice a piece of onion by smashing it and then applying the onion juice on and around your tooth.

3.Another great way to get rid of a toothache is with clove oil . Clove oil has been used as a natural remedy for many different medical problems. To use it to eliminate toothache pain is simple. Apply a few small drops on your tooth. Rub the oil around the gums surrounding your tooth. Your pain should be reduced within a minute or so.

4.One more natural and effective way to reduce pain caused by a toothache is by holding half a cup of salt water in your mouth . Simply mix 3 teaspoons of normal table salt into 6 ounces of water and hold in your mouth for about 20 seconds.

5.If none of these natural remedies work out for you , try going down to your local drug store and pick up a tube of toothache numbing gel . A popular brand for this is named " Oregel" . This gel will effectively numb your tooth and area around your tooth until you are able to get to a dentist.

*kan hari tu p cabut gigi geraham, rupanya ada lagi gigi yang tak patah habih!!!!
nak kena p pulak ni..tapi selagi ina tak beli gel untuk kebaskan gusi, ina tak mo pegi cabut gigi yang tertinggal tu..

mana la nak cari numbing gel tu..adehhhh


ciK mOt (",) said...

ina, saya rasa kalu nak ilangkan lagi...senang jek...p cabut...hehehe...

Ayuraza said...

smpai sini nyilu..hehe..

adlina husaini said...

cik mot, i cari numbing gel tu nak p cabut gigi..

nak cari numbing gel letak kat gusi sebelum kena inject ubat bius

adlina husaini said...

ayuraza, bab2 gigi ni memang ngilu kannnn..uhuhhu

Ena said...

kalo gigi masih kuat & tak berlobang sangat elok la rawat dulu kan.. tapi kalo dah parah tu.. cabut je la jwapannya..

ena ni kalo tengok gigi cam penuh je lagi.. hakikatnya.. gigi geraham tinggal brp je lagi ni.. abis dah cabut masa sekolh dulu.. gara2 gila kunyah ais dan ais krem.. bila sakit mcm2 buat termauk air garam, ubat gigi la.. mrmm..

Adlina Husaini said...

sakit gigi ni memang tak leh wat memain..bising pun rasa nak marah jee

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