Dato' Siti Nurhaliza

Tetiba mummy terasa nak bercerita sal artis pulak..mummy jarang sebenarnya crita criti pasal depa ni, ur daddy lagi terror bab2 artis ni hihi

mummy dapat pic2 ni dlm email, fyi dato' siti ni glamer la masa ni..tp mummy tak pasti la masa aisy besar nnt artis mana pulak yg jadi no.1

comey kan siti..sebelah tu beloved hubby dia

ni pic close up dia..erm besar la pores dia plus fine wrinkles..ye lah dia dh 30+ tp tak sangka lah mcm ni ke skin dia..tatau la pic ni masa bila diambil..1st time mummy tgk close up pic skin dia..erm..syukurnya mummy ada miracle fluid ala2 skII..hopefully when im @ her age, i still can lock my youthful skin ;)


Aisy, mummy ada projek baekkk punya..
mummy buat HOME BEAUTY SALON kat umah kita
dah mummy belajar bab2 beauty ni, apa salahnya mummy apply kat diri sendiri n kengkawan mummy kan..

so below mummy share pics utk aisy n kengkawan blogger mummy tgk..mana la tau sapa yg dok dekat2 putrajaya yg tingin nak manjakan diri tu boleh la cuba home beauty salon mummy :D

kalau nak tau lanjut, masuk webpage mummy: http://manjadiri.webs.com/

Nak main apa dgn baby?

article source: http://www.babycenter.com/

mummy terpk, aisy dh 6 bulan..any proper guide tuk mummy main dgn aisy? then mummy came across dis article : Let's Play! Weekly activities for your baby's first year
mummy nk share dgn kengkawan mummy..
Let's Play! My Photo Album
Appropriate for: 6 months to 1 year
Skills developed: Pattern recognition, fine motor
What you'll need: A small photo album – the type where the photos slide into clear plastic pocket
Give the album to your baby and tell him it's his very own. Sit with him and show him the photos. Since his pincer grasp (with forefinger and thumb) is starting to develop, he’ll soon learn to grab the pages, and as he gets older he'll start to really look at the pictures and point at them.
He may react to familiar faces with excitement, or he might just be mesmerized by the parade of colorful images. Either way, store the album on his bookshelf or in his toy box, for later viewing together. It'll quickly become a favorite.
Let's Play! Block That Move
Appropriate for: 6 months to 1 year
Skills developed: Hand-eye coordination
What you'll need: Stacking blocks
Seat your baby on your lap, facing outward. Using a set of wooden or plastic blocks – ideally set upon a bare wooden or tile floor, for acoustic effect – build a tall tower. Don't worry too much about stability, because your baby is just going to knock it down.
Let him swat at the structure, reach for lower blocks, or otherwise demolish your creation. He'll not only enjoy watching the blocks fall, but if they're set on anything but carpet, he'll also relish hearing them crash. Keep stacking them and letting him knock them down; he'll just get better and better at it, and you'll get faster and faster at the construction!
Let's Play! Jack-in-the-Can
Appropriate for: 6 to 10 months
Skills developed: Understanding of object permanence
What you'll need: A coffee can, yogurt carton, or large paper cup; a chopstick, pencil, or ruler; a small colorful toy (a finger puppet works best); some tape or glue
Punch a hole in the bottom of the container. Insert a chopstick, pencil, or ruler (even a stick from your garden will do) through the hole, then glue or tape to the tip a small stuffed animal or plastic figure. Even better, use a finger puppet (just slip it over the end of the stick and secure it with a bit of tape).
Now you have a hand-operated pop-up toy: Pull the stick down so the toy or puppet is hidden inside the can or cup, then push it up suddenly when you want the jack-in-the-can to greet your baby.
Let's Play! Cause and Effect
Appropriate for: 6 to 18 months
Skills developed: Concept of cause and effect, spatial relationships
What you'll need: Common household items
As babies become more observant and attuned to the notion of cause and effect, they get fascinated by light switches, TV remotes, and other things that seem like powerful agents of change. Cater to that fascination by showing your baby how certain actions bring certain results.
Start with simple changes: Open and close a cupboard door or dresser drawer, then turn a light switch on and off (besides on/off, this demonstrates light versus dark).
Then branch out into more active scenarios: Roll a ball across the floor to your baby or put a stuffed animal at the edge of the table, then push it off onto the chair. Or just encourage her to ring the doorbell. If you're feeling really adventurous, let her turn the faucet on and off – as long as it's the cold one.
Let's Play! Sound Off
Appropriate for: 4 to 8 months
Skills developed: Auditory
What you'll need: Various kitchen implements
As your baby gets older, new sounds from unexpected places engage her attention. In addition, at this age she's starting to understand that a movement made here results in a sound made there. Coming up with novel ways to produce sound is as easy as rummaging through your kitchen cabinets.
Give raspberry blowing a new twist by filling a glass or a clear plastic cup with water and blowing bubbles into it with a straw. Your baby will not only like the sight of the bubbles, but she'll also find the noise most intriguing. (Don't let her handle the glass or straw herself.)

Swirl a metal spatula or spoon around inside a metal bowl for another captivating sound. Crinkle some tinfoil or wax paper, set off the kitchen timer, or open and shut the trash can. As long as your baby is supervised, there's no reason the sounds of the kitchen shouldn't entertain her safely.
Bubble Bottle
Appropriate for: 6 months and up
Skills developed: Dexterity, familiarity with colors
What you'll need: A clear plastic bottle with a tightly fitting screw-on lid; food coloring; vegetable oil, water, an Alka-Seltzer tablet
Fill a large, clear plastic bottle, such as a soda pop or water bottle, three-quarters full of vegetable oil. (It's helpful to have a funnel for this step, though not necessary.) Fill the rest of the bottle almost to the top with water. Add ten to 12 drops of food coloring. Then break the Alka-Seltzer into small pieces and drop one into the bottle. Put the cap on and watch it start bubbling! When it stops, you can add more Alka-Seltzer to start the bubbling all over again.
Let's Play! Signs and Signals & A Great Fall
Appropriate for: 6 months to 1 year
Skills developed: Hand-eye coordination, communication
What you'll need: No equipment necessary
Your baby knows what he wants. He just doesn't always know how to ask for it. Teaching him some simple signs can help reduce his frustration – and yours! – and can be a wonderful bonding experience.

At this age, he's not quite dexterous enough to make many of the movements himself, so you should keep any signs you use around him to a bare minimum. Start with two easy signs: "hungry" and "sleepy." For "hungry," mimic bringing a small piece of food up to your mouth while saying, "Are you hungry?" For "sleepy," rub your eyes and ask, "Are you sleepy?"

Every time you ask the question, make the gesture, and every time you see him make anything remotely like the gesture, ask the question and repeat the movement. Don't be disappointed if it takes a long time for him to imitate you (which he might never do); the simple act of communication is valuable.
Let's Play! A Great Fall
Appropriate for: 5 months to 1 year
Skills developed: Gross motor, sense of cause and effect
What you'll need: No equipment necessary
On a rug indoors or outside on soft grass, lie on your back with your knees raised. Seat your baby on your tummy facing you, leaning back against your knees. Steadying her with your hands, sway from side to side.

Start reciting the nursery rhyme "Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great..." and on the word "fall," tip your knees so that your baby slides a little to the side. Or, let her "fall" all the way to the ground while you support her and protect her head with your hands.
Finish saying the rest of the rhyme curled up on the floor or grass with your baby, ending with a quick tickle when you get to the phrase "together again." Then help her get situated on your tummy again for another go-round.

Cutest Baby In Blue Contest

utk kesekian kalinya mummy nak join contest lagi..kali ni tentang cutest-baby-in-blue-contest
kebetulan memang aisy byk baju biru since blue is mummy n daddy's fav color..

so mummy nak letak pic bawah ni..actually pic ni taken by ur aunty..even resolusi pic ni tak de la sharp sgt sbb guna hp camera 2.0px je tp mummy tetap suka :)

my name is aisy hafiy bin ahmad husaini

d.o.b: 06 May 2009 (juz a day after mummy's bzday hihi)
now im 6 mths old,ops 6mth young :D

so those mummy fwens yg nak join contest ni, here the rules:
  • contest ini dilancarkan dari: 24 October 2009 hingga 17 November 2009


1. Terbuka kepada kesemua blogger yang menjadi follower secara langsung & tak langsung *OK
2. Dengan Sukahati dan rela hati menjadi FOLLOWER *OK
3. Linkkan -elizakru.blogspot.com di blog anda *OK
4. Sila Add kan Banner Contest di side bar blog memasing...banner tersebut mestilah di link kepada entry contest ini *OK
5. Sila buat special entry utk contest ini dan upload 1 keping gambar anak uols in blue..tak kisah la pakai baju biru ke, kasut biru ke, as long ada biru *OK
6. Sila link kan url blog anda di comment saya ini bagi memudahkan saya melihat pernyertaan anda. *OK
7. Pemenang akan dipilih oleh juri profesional berdasarkan kecomelan baby dan kualiti gambar serta gambar yg menarik perhatian juri *OK
8. Had umur baby uols :- newborn ~ 5 tahun
9. Oleh sebab ini kali yg ke 5 punye anniversary, so akan ada 5 pemenang

visit stokis Giffarine

bebaru ni mummy gi stokis GIFFARINE..erm baru ke..sblm aisy sunat lg tp sbb dok kalut takdan nak wat posting

kpd yg tatau lagi, GIF ni pengeluar produk kecantikan dan penjagaan bdn utk both gender..diasaskan oleh dr nalinee paiboon..kilang dia kat Bangkok..

kalu kat kelantan n terengganu,dh lama femes even dlm Berita Harian pun ada bgtau kerabat diraja kelantan pun pakai brand ni **ish produk ni murah tak sangka kerabat2 pun guna**

yg bestnya dia ada miracle fluid yg sama mcm miracle essense SKII tp rege baru RM69.90..beza cam langit n bumi hihihi

pastu each time beli, dpt diskaun 25% setiap produk..jimat2..daddy aisy senyum je bila nk mmbayar..sblm ni tau dah mummy spend byk beli brand tu brand ni..yg kali ni mummy rasa mummy dh jupe skincare n makeup yg perfect tuk mummy n poket daddy

below pic taken masa p situ..alhamdulillah..aisy tak meragam..lama mummy dok situ dok test produk2 dia..best woo boleh freely guna tester yg ada :D

stokis dia kat kl

ni la rack tester yg sesuka hati boleh test

ni jus2 as mknan tambahan..mummy beli jus delima for tok aisy yg ada kolestrol tinggi n gallstone..jus tu anti oksida

sebilangan produk mandian yg sempat mummy snap

produk2 skin care, kalu perasan pic kat belakang ada gambar miracle fluid yg mcm SKII..(tepi muka model tu)

free cloth diaper

sepatutnya dah lama mummy patut post entry ni since mummy received this cloth diaper on 22/10/09

but, keadaan yg kalut n misery due to aisy health condition coz dis entry posted late

for those readers yg tertanya camner mummy dpt hadiah ni, mummy ada join contest ni coolababy-cloth-diaper-giveaway.html and won it

tq so much mummy khalysh as penganjur contest :)
*nnt mummy share experience pakai CD ni..la ni tak pakai lagi since luka sunat bird aisy masih
ada darah..

sian mama :(

ma..tq so much for every cent, every words, everything..
dari along kecik sampai skang dah ada baby pun ma masih lagi ambik berat..
byk sgt pengorbanan yg dicurahkan

thanks for taking care aisy..

and suddenly, on 01.11.09..uve warded and diagnosed to have gallstones
so sad to hear dat
so worried
so sorrowful
so anxious

temp checked

tq sis for ur willingness to accompany mama even ur so bz settled ur project

mama, insyallah we will find way to treat ur gallstone without opt for surgery..
ya allah..give ur forgiveness to mama..
ya allah..let her recover naturally without going for surgery..

potong!! potong!!!

igt dk iklan komersial yg dok suruh potong potong tu..hihi..nk citer bukan yg tu aisy..mummy nk cite sal aisy yg kena 'potong'

before dis kan mummy da bgtau aisy suspek UTI kan..so Paed aisy suggest circum utk buang punca2 bacteria

so on 26.10.09 tu mummy n daddy bawa aisy gi pusrawi utk perform circumsicion done by Paed Surgeon Dr.Zul..a week before mummy dh set appointment dgn dia kat Tawakal but since dia ada clinic kat Pusrawi jugak, mummy prefer done there.

in short, pagi tu mummy sumbat segala susu + air + jus + bubur nasi sampai aisy full coz aisy boleh makan/minum susu til 10am..after dat mummy bg aisy minum jus epal byk2 til 12pm..then aisy kena puasa
pic ni masa baru sampai..hepy hepy lagi
then masuk daycare, lepak atas katil..nampak relax jee dia..memang le dh tak tau pape, mummy mcm nak pecah dada berdebar debar
daddy nak bermanja manja dgn anak kesayangan dia :) daddy,mummy tau daddy isau..tp wat macho je kan
nurse datang bawak baju masuk OT n psg nama..aisy tak suka laa tgk nurse tu..angkat kepala 90 darjah nak bgn
besaq btui baju tu dgn aisy
ngantuk ye sayang..
then dlm pukul 3pm nurse bgtau dh kena bawa turun masuk Operation Theater..ciuman sayang tuk anak daddy yg kuat!
tok abah pn ada teman aisy..
around 330pm aisy dah kuar..mummy tgk aisy menggigil-gigil..mummy tak pasti asiy gigil sebab sejuk or sebab sakit sgt..maybe ubat bius dah abis kot..doktor bagi gas utk aisy tdo..lepas abih tu doktor bg aisy jaga balik
aisy nangissssss sgt2 sampai serak suara..sakit ye anak..sian aisy..mummy pn nangis,hiba sgt tp mummy tak dpt nak tlg..kalau sakit tu boleh transfer ke mummy, mummy sanggup!
aisy nangis sampai tertido..

dalam pukul 5pm aisy masih tak bgn..mummy isau perut masuk angin sebab dari kul 12 aisy tak minum susu..then mummy kejut aisy tuk minum..alhamdulillah aisy dah stop nangis n minum dgn baik..

nurse bgtau, kalau aisy dh kencing so boleh balik..mummy nervous sgt nak buka pampers aisy..bila buka je nampak bird aisy ada ring kecil..nampak masih berdarah..masa tu mummy rasa cam nak pengsan je..siannya anakku..

nasib baik daddy kuat semangat, daddy tunggu sampai aisy kencing..alhamdulillah tak nangis pun

tok abah stay dgn aisy sampai rabu pastu balik tgk maksu..then on pagi khamis tok mama mai pulak dgn tok lang..and pagi tadi (03.11.09) tok abah baru sampai..maybe tok abah n tok mama goin back together this friday..tq so much to them for supporting mummy n daddy in taking care aisy..opah pun tq jugak sebab dari jauh pun dok kol daddy update psl aisy..tq also to aunty farah n uncle cik din for visiting u

now aisy dh dok dgn nanny aisy mcm besa sbb mummy kena keja..but still every 2 hours tukar pampers ada darah lekat kat pampers tu..luka aisy tak kering lagi..mummy ada simpan pic bird aisy before n after sunat..nanti dah besar mummy tunjuk kat aisy k..kat sini malu lah hihihi..


walau berat hati mummy nk sign form utk aisy dibius sblm disunatkan..tp mummy ttp kena kuat semangat sbb sooner or later aisy tetap kena bersunat..sunat ni wajib buat aisy and lelaki muslim yg lain..

besar nanti tentu aisy akan lupa kesakitan ni n aisy tak perlu melaluinya like kwn2 aisy yg tak bersunat lagi..ada yg kata kat mummy, rugi sebab aisy tak merasa debaran bersunat tu..gantung kain pelekat,wat kenduri,dapat duit dll..tp semua tu tak penting..mummy rasa mummy akan lebih terseksa kalau aisy dh pandai mengaduh sakit..

k sayang..tak sabar mummy nak balik jumpa sayang..

fyi tok mama ada kat hospital pantai ampang sekarang ni..sepatutnya tok mama dah balik on ahad(01.11.09) tp something happen..petang ni kita visit tok ma n see tok abah k..next entry mummy citer what happen to tok ma k..

instagram adlinahomemadescrub