Eczema Attacks!!

Today mummy wanna share info bout eczema..probably this post will benefit u my dear son in future..

Most common yg dpt eczema ni sebab heredity(keturunan), food allergic or stress level..

In the market byk je ubat2 tuk eczema ni, but selalunya tak menyembuhkan secara keseluruhan cuma mengawal eczema..

Mummy wanna share traditional remedies to help controlling eczema perhaps abolish it forever..

  1. Coconut oil / minyak kelapa : apply this oil 2 a day could help relief eczema coz soothing the itch and burning sensation on skin
  2. Blueberry: cari lotion or moisturizer dat contain blueberry extract coz it has acid that can acts as anti inflammatory, reducing itching and swelling
  3. Oatmeal bath: cari sabun yg dibuat dari oatmeal, perhaps kat organic store or outlet ada jual sabun oatmeal ni. Utk lebih power, lepas mandi dgn sabun tu, apply aloe vera lotion or other moisturizer
  4. Pelembab pelembab pelembab : this is the key to help fighting wif eczema..cari je apa saja moisturizer yg suite to ur skin, apply at least twice a day..Mummy's own remedy is guna air bcoz air agen utama dlm setiap pelembab..Mummy simpan air yg ditapis (mummy guna penapis bio aura) dlm bottle spray then guna when needed..

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but mummy not really worry bout ur skin since i believe dat u have ur daddy's skin..juz watch out wif bugs or mosq coz kena sket jer terus bengkak..

next post mummy gonna give some tips on inexpensive remedy to take care ur face and body mmuah miss u so much.. see you this evening cayunkkk..


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