tip intro solid food to baby

worry or not to start feed ur baby wif solid food? ish mummy isau jgak ni..below are strategy to avoid baby digestive problems and pinpoint prob foods;
source: homemade-baby-food-recipes

4 day rule:

  • each time you introduce a new food to your baby, you need to continue feeding your baby that same food for four days.
  • don't introduce two new foods at the same time
  • introducing new foods in the morning or at lunch time >> bcoz if allergy reaction appear, we can seek for help on da same day
Giving your baby new foods is exciting, but don't rush things - it pays to be patient and apply this rule. You will be in control of your baby's diet, alert to potential problems and able to identify their cause. And the end result ... a happy, healthy baby, enjoying the foods that are right for him.


azimah said...

sronok suap baby makan.. cam anak burung.. laju je dia telan.. hehe.. mula2 nanti kan, kalo Ad prasan, baby akan buat muka pelik bila kite suap, ye la benda baru dia rasa kan.. then kalo dia bukak mulut lagi means dia nak lagi la.. kalo dia tutup rapat or wat2 nak muntah tu means dia xske la tu.. hehe

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