kissing matter

ive read a blog juz now..ala forgot which blog,sory tuan rumah ek..
actually its bout kissing..

her gal maybe around 6 yrs saw a scene in the movie where the actor kiss his gf (like french kiss i think) then her gal asked her how she n her huby do it..then she demo to her gal how they kiss (but she juz demo a simple kiss) and explain to her that dun let anyone kiss her on mouth, only when she get married coz only married couple do dat (hope so..)

unfortunately, during the kissing demo, the father was holding a 2 yrs lil brother..then when the demo was over,the lil brot quickly do da same to his father..

moral of the story, kids today are so fast learner and dun eve under estimate their capability in observing and imitating people surrounding them..

aisy..mummy and daddy gonna behave in front of u hihihi..


Miss Wanie said...

wei wei
toksah tunjuk pelik2 kat aisy na

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